Lilburn Dacula Gainesville

Hey kids! It's Tebo the Tooth here to talk to you about a few misspellings that I've noticed for my name-- TEBO! I know it is tough to spell!

You know how your teacher makes you take spelling quizzes? Those are really hard sometimes, aren't they? Well, think of some of the more difficult words you've had to learn how to spell. Maybe learning how to spell "restaurant" was really tough for you! Or even "photograph" or "vehicle." Sure, they're a breeze for you to spell NOW, but you sure had a tough time at first learning how all the letters were put together. But, with a little practice, you, your mom and dad, and all your friends can learn how to spell my name!

A lot of people are still having trouble learning how to spell TEBO. A lot of common misspellings for my name I have seen lately are:

  • Teebo
  • Thebaux
  • Tebow
  • Teebow
  • T-bow
  • Teboe
  • Teabow
  • Teabo
  • Teebowe
  • Tebowe
  • Teabowe
  • Teeboaw
  • Teeboo
  • Teeboa
  • Thebow
  • Tebaugh
  • Teebaux
  • Tebau

While all of these look like interesting words, there's only one way to spell TEBO! Let's practice. T-E-B-O. Now let's pronounce it! Teeee-boow. We can even turn our spelling into a song. The first letter of my name is T, then comes the letter E! Next comes the letter B, and finally it's the letter O. Let's all go to TEBO so our teeth can be healthy as we grow, grow, grow!

So next time you or your mom or dad are having trouble spelling my name, just remind them that it's T-E-B-O!

See you later, kids!

-Tebo the Tooth