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About Us

It's All About Family.

The Tebo Dental Team is personally committed to ensuring that you can feel the difference as soon as you enter any of our practices. What makes us different from other dental providers is the family-oriented atmosphere that is vibrant throughout all of our practices. This is extremely important to us because we take great pride in the reputation of our work, our mission, and our unwavering commitment to our patients.

Tebo Dental has 4 practices in 3 locations, located Lilburn, Dacula, Gainesville GA. Although we have grown exponentially over the years, we made the decision early on to not ever let our approach to dentistry and the patient experience become lost in the pursuit of building a larger, more profitable company, and we never will.

Our Doctors Act As One.

At Tebo, our Team of Doctors are committed to providing an incredible experience for every patient that walks through our doors.

Our unique approach to dentistry involves bringing together the expertise of all of our doctors to create a unified standard that our patients can appreciate and remain confident in. With almost a dozen doctors sharing their philosophies on patient care, this approach allows us to offer something more than just dental services; Tebo Dental is able to offer a “Patient Experience” that changes peoples’ entire perspective on what going to the dentist means to them. In this way, our doctors act upon a unified understanding that makes patient care a single primary focus.

The result: our patients feel more comfortable and completely at ease when they know firsthand that they not only have one doctor that makes their needs a priority, but they have an entire team of doctors acting as one to offer them an experience that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Think about it— let’s say your car’s engine is making an unusual sound that is hard to pinpoint. Would you rather have one mechanic working on your vehicle, or a team of mechanics bringing their collective experience & expertise together to identify and resolve the problem? Similarly, Tebo Dental utilizes the experience of our doctors and clinical staff to ensure that our patients receive the appropriate amount of attention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment that they need and deserve. Simply put: your smile is one of your greatest assets. Let our team of dental professionals help you protect your best interests.

Our History

Tebo Dental has been seeing patients for over 3 decades in Georgia. Our first practice opened in May 1982, and eventually opened the larger practice under the name Gwinnett Children’s Dentistry in the Platinum Pointe Business Park in 1991. Over time, we have had the privilege of seeing thousands of patients. Tebo Dental was also the first dental provider in the State of Georgia to offer Sedation Dentistry as an in-house service (vs. being only offered in hospitals, which up until then had been the standard throughout the industry).

As time went on, the growing patient volume offered a unique opportunity to recognize a simple-yet-recurring issue that many young patients experienced with astounding consistency – too many children are afraid of the dentist, but for a variety of different reasons. In some cases, parents would not educate their children on the importance of practicing proper dental hygiene simply because they themselves were not aware. In others, the idea of going to the dentist instilled a sense of fear in young people because of history’s skewed perception of what going to the dentist was really like. This presented a direct issue with the efficiency of providing quality dental care in the most productive manner possible, and it was clear that there had to be a way to avoid (or at least distract) patients from their own fears, anxiety and apprehensions.

The solution wouldn’t eliminate all issues for 100% of our patients— for that is an impossible feat— yet it could be possible to minimize the percentage of fearful patients to an amount that made the business model sustainable, in light of the patient-base being higher than it had ever been in the company’s history. It took years from the time of this realization to create a solution that would stick, but eventually it did happen… and Tebo The Tooth was born. And when that happened, it changed everything... everything down to the company’s name.


Today, Tebo Dental has been proudly seeing patients for over 35 years. Offering a variety of services including Preventative, Orthodontic, Reconstructive, Restorative, Cosmetic, Sedation, and Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to meeting the dental needs of our patients and exceeding their expectations at every opportunity.

All this was founded over 35 years ago on the idea that the average dental experience can be a positive, professional, and memorable one. Over the years, we have never lost sight of what is most important, and we are proud to work together to provide an elevated standard of service that is aimed at developing a loyal and long-lasting relationship with our patients.

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