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Average rating for Tebo Dental is 4.76 stars of 5 stars - based on 58 reviews
Kids Dentist in Gainesville, GA
My daughter had her first visit at Tebo dentist and it was great!? Glad I found this place everyone was amazing!!! The dentist told me promblems that her other dentist did not that was very important. And my kids had been going to their other dentist for bout 5 year's so that had me very upset that the dentist didn't tell me what was wrong with my daughter teeth. But so far everything good at Tebo!
Cleaning in Dacula, GA
Sharon the dental hygienist was phenomenal. She spoke to my child the entire time explaining how to properly brush and floss. She answered any questions my daughter had, and she had plenty. Thank you Sharon and thanks to the entire staff. The young ladies who took her X-rays were also very kind.
IV Sedation in Lawrenceville, GA
Took my daughter here a few months ago for a cleaning and I was told she had a lot of work that needed to be done in her mouth like to extract teeth,deep clean,fill in cavaties,and put crowns. The dentist went over different options for us like doing half of her mouth in one day and come back for the other half another, she also said we can do IV sedation and have everything done in one day that way my child wouldn't remember what happened and can just have everything done and over with. I talked it over with my daughter and she likes the idea of "sleeping" while having the work done in her mouth, so we went with that option. I asked a lot of questions like how was the procedure like,how long it would take,i looked up reviews of Tebo in Lilburn (some actually worried me) and of course the main question ,WOULD I BE ABLE TO BE IN THE ROOM WITH HER. All my worried and questions were answered by the coordinator. So we scheduled a appointment. On the day of our appointment my baby was so nervous, she was starting to want to double think the whole sedation . I did my best to talk to her and calm her down, so we get called to the back where everything would take place. We got there and we meet the kindest staff. Ms.Sandra was in the room with us and also the anesthesiologist (I forgot his name but he was a older man,hispanic,and had glasses) they were the sweetest. Mind you my kid was starting to freak out, the anesthesiologist was so sweet he talked about exactly what he was going to do,he even made her laugh,her nerves went away. He calmed her down and made sure we both were okay with the sedation. He checked her heartbeat,put monitors on her, put oxegyn ,etc. He then put the IV in her and started putting the medicines in the IV line, last one was a white liquid which he said will burn when it went in her vein , this one is the one that made her sleep. After she was fast asleep he assured me she'll be fine and if he thought at any point that she was at risk of anything bad,he will stop the procedure immediately. This gave me peace of mind. I was told to sit in the waiting area. Some time passed by and I asked if I can pass by the room where my kid was at just so i can see her and know she's okay. I was told no. To be honest I was angry because I was under the impression that I had the right to see her just as long as i don't go inside the room. Fast forward ,my daughter was done and I was then told I can see her , of course i run to the room and see her waking up,She gave me a thumbs up when i asked was she okay. I was given more info by the nurse at that time and Ms.Sandra and the nurse got a wheelchair for my daughter and they both helped me to my car. We got home,she was still loopy but it wore off after about 3 hours. When she finally came to her senses she was saying how she didn't feel a thing and was so happy she was treated good by the staff. She even asked me to review Tebo and let other kids and parents know that the staff was so nice and the procedure was painless. She's now just a bit sore and ready for her next visit in 6 months. Thank you Tebo for an amazing expirience !
Pediatric Extraction in Loganville, GA

We were referred to Tebo because our regular dentist could not provide services needed for my daughter. This place was AMAZING! We didn't have a long wait time, the staff was very friendly, professional, showed real concern for my child, and they were spot on with being informative so much so that I immediately made up my mind to change our WHOLE family to this location. Mrs. Sandra and the Dr. made my daughter feel so comfortable and was really GREAT with her, she didn't even know her teeth had been pulled! You guys did really awesome at making us feel welcomed, we can't thank you enough! I definitely recommend this place to all friends and family! Thank you for all your help Tebo~ =)

kids dentistry in Lilburn, GA

Tebo is a great place to bring your kids for a dentist appt. There office is set up to make the children fill at ease.

Dentist in Lilburn, GA

Overall my dentist is honest, forth-coming, and has wonderful bedside manners. She is very attentive to my needs

Family Dentist in Lilburn, GA

Beverly and Natalie are the greatest!!! Wonderful staff and Tebo is Blessed to have such wonderful people at their family dentist office.

Dentist Office in Snellville, GA

I would give Dr. campbell and Nikki a rating of 10. Due to the extra loving care. Plus I did not feel any pain at all. The dental staff is so much fun. I see why my mom Valda, loves to work at this dentist office. Such a great staff. So amazing to finally have a great doctor at last to take care of my teeth. I am happy my mother brought me in.

Dentist in Gainesville, GA

I had a great dental experience. We drive 2 hours one way just to come to the dentist office. The office staff and techs are friendly and knowledgeable. It's a happy place too - they kid around and laugh- makes all the difference.

Dental Office in Gainesville, GA

This was my first visit to Tebo Dental clinic I was referred by a co worker. All the staff was friendly and very helpful. Unlike other dental clinics that I've been to in the past I did not have to wait long to be seen and the paperwork being posted on the website was extremely helpful.

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