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Get a Taste of Amezaiku!

Halloween has come and gone— and we bet you ended up with a heap of gooey goodies!

Here at Tebo, we usually encourage you to cut back on sweets. But for a Japanese delicacy called amezaiku, we're tempted to make an exception.

Have you ever wanted to swallow a swan or devour a dragon? Then let me introduce you to amezaiku, or Japanese candy sculpture. With only rice syrup and food dye, Japanese candy makers can sculpt gleaming swans, frogs, dragons, and more!

These precious pops begin with a starchy rice syrup— which is heated to a scorching 176 degrees! Can't stand the heat? Then move over— and watch as this pop Picasso kneads and shapes the scorching goo with his bare hands! The candy maker might use tweezers to etch and smooth your swanky sweet, and voilà— you have a snack and a statue all in one!

Are you hungry yet? Check out this video to learn more!

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