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St. Patrick's Day 2021

St. Patrick's Day 2021

Last week we hosted a St. Patrick's Day GREEN OUT !

Tebo Team members showed their spirit by showing up to work dressed in their favorite green attire, and we reciprocated their energy by providing a variety of green-themed Irish treats and surprises throughout the day!

We began the morning with a delicious Irish style coffee bar, consisting of Starbucks, hot chocolate, Irish Creme, cupcakes, and more✨.

Then, just before lunch, we surprised staff with "Beginners Luck" smoothies (tasted better than they looked ).

Finally, in classic St. Patty's Day fashion, we gave every Tebo employee a chance to win a pot of gold...literally. Every single Tebo employee received a scratch off lottery ticket, and a few of them may have even won big!

Looking back at all the smiles and good times reminds us of just how LUCKY we are to have such a special group of individuals here, at Tebo. 

Rosalia Wins Rock Solid
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