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What Commitment to Family Means at Tebo

Our Vision every day at Tebo Dental is “Redefining the dental experience for generations to come, one smile at a time.”

How many adults do you know that avoid visiting the dentist because of “less than amazing” dental experiences as children? At Tebo Dental, we want to break the cycle of apprehension surrounding dental treatment in many families, and pave the way to healthy smiles for future generations. To achieve that goal, we start early!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend that a child’s dental home be established by his or her first birthday, and that the habit of consistent, periodic check-ups and cleanings continues throughout adolescence into adulthood.

We Believe In Magic!

When you choose Tebo Dental for your child’s dental home, you will immediately notice that our colors and office design are appealing to both younger kids and teens alike, while the atmosphere is completely centered around kids’ interests. Books and magazines, video games, TV shows and videos are all geared toward assuring our patients that we care about what appeals to them, thus inspiring trust in our staff and confidence in themselves.

And, every day, our very own Dental Superhero, Tebo the Tooth, high-fives, dances and poses for pictures with our patients, encouraging their own brave inner superhero and spreading Tebo magic!

Our incredible clinicians are carefully selected considering their proficiency in working with children, and undergo continual coaching in pediatric “know how” to ease our young patients’ concerns.

Tebo Dental also welcomes a parent to accompany their child into the treatment room for routine dental services. We believe that helping a child achieve optimal dental health for a lifetime is a team effort that succeeds when parents are able to learn along with their child. Our Tebo parents are rock stars!

Let us show you the magical Tebo Difference with your child!

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