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Sedation Dentistry

IV Sedation

If you or your child suffer from anxiety when visiting the dentist, then sedation dentistry may be right for you. Sedation is a "painless" process in which patients who are apprehensive about visiting the dentist can be put under general anesthesia to have everything from a routine teeth cleaning to a fully invasive procedure performed. Our dentists will often recommend sedation during a consultation or examination when patients express nervousness or extreme apprehension at the thought of having dental treatment performed.

Tebo Dental recognizes the value that having sedation brings to our patients as an alternative. This is why we have our own IV Sedation Facility located in our Lilburn offices as an added convenience to our patients.

Important Guidelines To Follow Regarding Conscious IV Sedation

  • In an effort to minimize delays in treating your child’s dental needs, we ask that you follow the guidelines described below. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the cancellation of your child’s appointment.

    1. Do not allow your child to eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before their appointment.
    2. Do not allow your child to brush their teeth the morning of their appointment.
    3. Do not let your child rinse their mouth— this will help keep them from accidentally swallowing during rinsing.
    4. Do not allow your child to chew gum, mints or ice cubes after midnight the night before their appointment.
    5. Do not keep food of any sort in your bag, purse, car or anywhere within reach of your child. When in our office, please do not bring food with you so that your child or any other child waiting for their appointment will not be tempted.
    6. If your child has a habit of waking up in the night for food or drink, sleep with them to avoid this from happening
    7. Do not send your child to school the day of the appointment. We will provide a school excuse.
    8. If your child takes any prescribed medication, wait until after the appointment to give them their medicine. 
    9. If more than one child is having having sedation treatment, you must bring a second adult with you.
    10. Parents are not allowed to leave their child at our office without parental supervision for any reason. Please do not leave our office during your child's sedation appointment.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 770.925.3300.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to brighten your smile!

  • Para evitar cualquier demora en proporcionarle el tratamiento adecuado a su hijo(a) lo más pronto posible, le pedimos que siga las instrucciones a continuación. Si no sigue estas instrucciones, la cita sera cancelada.

    1. No permita que su hijo(a) coma o beba absolutamente nada después de la medianoche el día antes de la cita.
    2. No le cepille los dientes a su hijo(a) el día de la cita.
    3. No puede enjuagarle la boca con agua para evitar el consumo inapropiado de agua antes de la cita.
    4. No permita que su hijo(a) mastique chicle, mentas, o hielo después de la medianoche el día antes de la cita.
    5. Remueva cualquier tipo de comida, bebidas, o meriendas que se pueda encontrar en su mochila, cartera, o en el carro que esté al alcance de su hijo(a).
    6. Si su hijo(a) tiene la costumbre de despertarse a medianoche a beber o ingerir cualquier alimento o bebida, duerma la noche el día antes de la cita con él/ella para evitar cualquier tipo de tentación.
    7. No mande a su hijo(a) a la escuela el día de la cita de sedación. Nuestra oficina le proporcionará una nota excusando a su hijo(a) de la escuela por ese día.
    8. Si su hijo(a) toma algún tipo de medicamentos prescrito, espere hasta después de la cita para darle su medicina.
    9. Si hay más de 1 hijo(a) que que sera visto en sedación, debe de traer a un adulto adicional con usted el día de la cita.
    10. Los padres no pueden dejar a su hijo(a) sin su supervisión en la oficina. No puede salir de la oficina durante la cita de sedación.

    Si tiene alguna pregunta, llámenos al 770-925-3300.

Little Known Fact: Did You Know…

Tebo Dental was the first dental provider in the State of Georgia to offer Sedation Dentistry as an in-house service (vs. being only offered in hospitals, which up until then had been the standard throughout the industry).

Call our office today to schedule a free consultation if you think Sedation Dentistry may be right for you!

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