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Teen Dentistry

When young children “graduate” from our pediatric practice at age 13, they become patients in our Teen Zone, where we start seeing teens as young as 13-years old, all the way up to age 21. The Teen Zone environment is designed for the unique and special dental needs of teenagers. For this reason, they tend to need more time with our dental professionals during their dental visits. With permanent dentition, or adult teeth, there are an array of dental needs that are best suited for a teen/young adult environment. Most of our teen patients feel more comfortable in an environment that feels less childish and more mature, so we cater the environment to their interests including content displayed on TV channels, in magazines, on iPads we provide them while they wait, and more.

In our office, we accept most private PPO insurances in addition to Medicaid insurances such as Amerigroup, Wellcare, CareSource, and PeachState. We have a dedicated Insurance Verification Team that specializes in verifying your insurance benefits prior to your visit— all as a courtesy to our patients (or the parents of our pediatric patients). Our Patient Care Specialists are trained to understand and apply your insurance benefits to provide you with an estimate that expedites the ability to get dental treatment done sooner than waiting for your insurance pre-authorization of benefits. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable. We hold weekly training to ensure consistency and standardization amongst doctors, clinical, and administrative staff. Our goal is provide a home for each of our patients where they receive the quality dental care they need and deserve so that they never feel they have to leave. We also educate our patients so they can appreciate the importance of their dental health and be a positive influence on their family and friends.

It is our mission to educate you and your family on the benefits of practicing proper oral hygiene for a lifetime. We are committed to offering a patient experience that encourages our guests to want to tell their friends and bring their families. We thank you for your interest in Tebo Dentistry For Teens, and we look forward to seeing you and your child at their next appointment!

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