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Tebo Dentistry for Kids Celebrates 'Augustus The Mighty's' Birthday

Tebo Dentistry for Kids Celebrates 'Augustus The Mighty's' Birthday
Gus "Augustus The Mighty" Carrasquillo is a 3 year-old patient of ours here at Tebo Dentistry For Kids. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Medulloblastoma, Augustus The Mighty is by far our strongest and bravest little patient. Tebo The Tooth and his friends Mindy Molar & Thomas The...
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To Find Out More about Our Recent Blog Topics, Check Out These Helpful Links - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

Interested to learn more about dentistry? The links below give helpful information on everything about achieving your best smile with your dentist’s help. discredits the common myths about the root canal with this informative article. Looking to improve the cosmetic aspects of your smile? Read about popular treatments and...
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3 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist if You're Unsatisfied with Your Smile - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

Your smile defines the first impressions you make. A few cosmetic insecurities could leave you feeling self-conscious about your teeth. Whether you’re confident in your smile and looking for a few touch-ups or you want a drastic makeover for your smile, consulting a cosmetic dentist could be the solution for...
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How to Keep Teeth & Gums Healthy: Choosing a Toothbrush: Dental Care & Oral Hygiene - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

With so many options to choose from, shopping for a new toothbrush can be overwhelming. Despite what such a large variety might suggest, there is a single toothbrush that stands out among the rest. In this video, you’ll learn which type of toothbrush is the most effective at keeping your...
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Dispelling Some of the Myths Behind Root Canals - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

Some people enjoy their trips to the dentist. Others dread the possibility of extensive dental work. The two words patients fear the worst are “root canal.” While the pain and recovery of the procedure seems daunting, a root canal is actually a simple procedure. A root canal is painful. The...
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Tebo the Tooth's New Video! "Tebo the Tooth Gets Hit, Hit, Hit" - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

We have a new video up on Youtube! It's called "Tebo The Tooth Gets Hit, Hit, Hit" so go check it out and subscribe to our Youtube Channel! You can help support! Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter and tell everyone you know! Thanks!  
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Like Our Recent Blog Topics? Here Are More Great Resources for You to Check Out! - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

The dentist’s office doesn’t have to be a frightening place. These resources will help your children overcome their fear of the dentist and teach you and your family about dental hygiene. Try some of these techniques to ease your child’s fears about going to the dentist. Get them to practice...
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Dental Implants vs. Fixed Bridges for Dealing with Missing Teeth - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

Missing teeth can damage your self-esteem, but modern dentistry offers many replacement options. Talk to your dentist about the different dental implant options which can repair your smile and give you the confidence to show it off. Dental Implants If you’ve lost a tooth because of an accident or periodontal...
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How is the Crown, Bridge or Denture Attached To The Implant? - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

Dental implants are generally given 3-4 months to integrate (fuse) to the jawbone before anything is attached to them. However, in some cases, early loading (attachment) at 1-11 weeks or immediate loading (at the time of implant placement) is possible, especially directly after tooth extraction. In order to connect the...
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Dental Examinations...What You Should Know - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

How often do you schedule a dental examination to have your teeth checked and cleaned? About one-third of Americans do not schedule regular dental visits. But dental checkups are important to helping you maintain your teeth and overall health. During a dental examination, here is what to expect: Initial consultation...
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Bad Breath Problems...It's A Real Problem - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

Bad Breath Could be the Result of a Dental Problem About 85% of people with persistent bad breath have a dental condition that is to blame. If bad breath is the cause of a dental condition, mouthwash will only mask the odor and not cure it. Don’t be embarrassed to...
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Introduction to Tooth Whitening - Tebo Dental Group, Lilburn, GA

Getting your teeth whitened can give you more confidence and take years off of your appearance. Whitening is used to remove stains that have accumulated on your teeth from daily life. There are many ways to whiten teeth, each with its own particular advantage. Talk to your dentist about which...
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