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TeboMania is Taking Over!

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TeboMania is Taking Over!

Kids Are Having A BLAST With Official, EXCLUSIVE Tebo Merchandise— Found Only At The Tebo Kids Store or At!


At the Tebo Kids Store, Kids have a blast stocking up on all of the Official Tebo & Friends Merchandise for school, summer and in some cases— for their siblings and friends!

Tebo Dentistry For Kids created the Tebo Kids Store with the sole intention of making the dentist a place where kids aren’t afraid to come to visit. It’s that simple! When the kids are less apprehensive, the parents are more at ease and their dental visit tends to be a pleasant, memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone!

We had NO IDEA that Tebo The Tooth would become such a mega-hit with kids all throughout Georgia!

What’s more with over 100,000 views on YouTube, kids all over the U.S. and even in Canada are now BUZZING about the adventures of Tebo The Tooth and his friends Mindy Molar & Thomas The Crown!

Take a look at some items kids can get at the Tebo Kids Store!

In 2013, we proudly opened Tebo Dentistry For Kids Dacula, The Tebo Kids Store & The Tebo Experience: A 4-D Adventure Theater!
We've recognized that some people are uncomfortable at the thought of coming to the dentist. At Tebo, our goal is to change their perception. For adults, we offer a tranquil, spa-like experience, leaving our patients feeling relaxed at the end of their visit. But for kids, now that's another story! By making each dental visit an amazing and fun experience for every kid, the children of today will have the chance grow up free of any apprehensions about visiting the dentist! And those kids will grow up to teach their kids, who will teach their kids, who'll teach their kids-- changing the way people feel about dentistry for generations to come!
Just another way that Tebo gives back.
It is our mission, our privilege, and it's our responsibility. And at Tebo, it's why we do everything we do. And that’s “The Tebo Difference."
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